angew-litarcrysttocAlthough it is now possible to predict the structure of new functional materials accurately, in order to make them a reality – efficiently, sustainably and economically – we need to know the best conditions under which to make them. Using powerful in situ techniques, including synchrotron X-ray diffraction, we are investigating the driving forces and mechanisms of crystallisation at the molecular level, which leads to greener synthesis and the capability to create novel materials.

In-situ monitoring: “In Situ Observation of Successive Crystallizations and Metastable Intermediates in the Formation of Metal–Organic Frameworks”

Mechanisms of formation: “Control of Metal–Organic Framework Crystallization by Metastable Intermediate Pre‐equilibrium Species”

Driving forces: “Phase Selection during the Crystallization of Metal-Organic Frameworks; Thermodynamic and Kinetic Factors in the Lithium Tartrate System”