Metal–organic frameworks and beyond

IMG_7865Our interests lie in understanding a broad range of materials, including coordination polymers, molecular electronic crystals, hybrid perovskites and metal–organic frameworks (MOFs).

MOFs are Chemistry’s equivalent of Tinker Toy®, in which assembly of molecular building blocks into robust, atomically-precise materials leads to structures boasting exceptional properties, including selective gas adsorption, chirality, tuneable mechanics, exotic magnetism, switchable luminescence and ionic conductivity. We look to exploit the synergy between the “metal” and “organic” components to generate new structures for next-generation technologies, and develop advanced approaches to understand their structures and properties.

Chiral solids: “Phase Selection during the Crystallization of Metal-Organic Frameworks; Thermodynamic and Kinetic Factors in the Lithium Tartrate System”

Tunable mechanics: “Mechanical Tunability via Hydrogen Bonding in Metal-Organic Frameworks with the Perovskite Architecture”

Unusual reactivity: “Topotactic Elimination of Water across a C–C Ligand Bond in a Dense 3-D Metal–Organic Framework”