ZIF8_mixedMaterials’ properties are fundamentally governed by their structure – how the components that make them up are arranged in space – and so the ability to control structure is critical. We use crystallographic techniques to examine their structures in great detail at the molecular level, and develop ways to tune structure on multiple length scales using mixtures of different building blocks and new synthesis methods.

Crystallography of chiral MOFs: “Chiral, Racemic and Meso- Lithium Tartrate Framework Polymorphs: A Detailed Structural Analysis”

Mixed-linker frameworks via mechanochemistry: “Ligand-Directed Control over Crystal Structure and Solid Solution Formation in Inorganic-Organic Frameworks”

Nanoscale MOF domains: “Compositional Inhomogeneity and Tuneable Thermal Expansion in Mixed-Metal ZIF-8 Analogues”