The group is supported by studentships part-funded by Diamond Light Source and the The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany.

If you are interested in supporting our work, please contact Hamish.

We  have been generously supported by:

  • The Violette and Samuel Glasstone Bequest (Research Fellowship and Funding)
  • The Queen’s College, Oxford (Extraordinary Junior Research Fellowship)
  • Oxford University Press John Fell Fund (Project Funding)
  • The SCG Innovation Fund (Project Funding)
  • Oxford Chemistry Public Engagement with Research Fund (Outreach work)
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  • The International Centre for Young Scientists  & The International Centre for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (Research Fellowship and Funding)
  • Grants-In-Aid for Scientific Research, Kakenhi – Young Scientists B (Project Funding)
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry (Travel Grants for International Authors)
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  • European Research Council (Postdoctoral Research)
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (PhD studentship)

We also benefit from beamtime at Diamond Light Source:

  • I19 – small molecule single crystal diffraction
  • I11 – high resolution powder diffraction
  • I15 – high pressure powder diffraction
  • I12 – in situ powder diffraction